Virtual Sandtable™ (vST®is the first of its kind, and the only solution you will need for comprehensive project/mission visualization, planning, execution, and review.
The experience is virtual.  The advantage is real.

It's not just a job for us...
Our passion is finding unique and impressive ways to communicate the goal or dream in a way that others can become immersed and understand vision.   As a Sherpa in the field, we have enjoyed leading others into new possibilities, which breeds new probabilities, ensuring more profitability and longevity.   We specialize in the scenarios where time is money, and life is invaluable.   

Our unique approach to visualizing dense data and large areas of operation encourage clear decisions where other methods lead to ambiguity and loss.   If your team is responsible for security of venues, success of large scale construction, responding to or assessing of natural disasters, all while displaying dense data fields in an intelligible way -- we have the software, hardware, and professionals who can help you successfully navigate the scenarios you find yourself up against. 

Using our resources can help provide a full understanding and anticipation of the terrain, assets, and contingencies which allows for reduced risk of failures and increased rates of success; therefore, reducing the costs to insure against the potential challenges and the extents of their outcomes.

Training / Gamification
Training can be entertaining.   Why struggle through maps of streets, maps of topography, maps of infrastructure when you can see it at one time, in one place, immersed.   Training objectives can be indicated and measured in a variety of ways to ensure mission is fully understood and flawless.   Place an opposing team in the environment and test the scenarios to understand strengths and weaknesses!
Real-time Observation
Our vTAK® system can show a common operational picture, so you know asset location and the rate of closure to the goal.   Play calling for project success has never been more effective. 
Large Areas & Datasets
Whether the data set is a sprawling city or a model of a molecule, we can provide the environment to discover, discuss, decide, and deliver. 
Multi-participant & AI Aware
Why go it alone?   Our software can integrate many users from around the globe to collaborate with high immersion, despite the distance. 

Furthermore, artificial intelligence can be applied to help understand how different scenarios could play out.
Battle-Tested and Effectively Used by Tiered Units in the D.O.D.
"...never want to deploy again without this level of intelligence...*
-Tiered Operator, DOD
"vST® is key to the realization of future venues to properly position tactical response."
         -Festival Organizer
"The vST® technology would have greatly reduced or prevented casualties we experienced."
-Operator, Middle East
"vST® will do very well to keep our infrastructure construction projects on track and under budget."
-Large Commercial Contractor 
"Arriving as a First-Responder with knowledge of the facility is invaluable.  vST® delivers!"
-EMT / Fireperson
"This is a game changer for disaster response.  Priority is a decision often made without the right information."
-First Responder
Re-Imagine with current events with vST technology stack:
School: Active Shooters
Natural Disaster: Flooding
Community: Music Festival
Natural Disaster: Fires
Military:  Scenario Planning
Natural Disaster: Hurricanes
Our Tech & Approach
Our patent pending technology and our propriety methods are key in the underpinnings of our open architecture.   Our unique approach can display the environment, but also dense data fields, from a variety of sources, with real-time accuracy,  while maintaining compatibility across a number of platforms from the super immersive PC based VR to a mobile device, or a purposed AR device.    We don't force you into custom hardware, we can utilize a variety of off the shelf components.    Not only are we agnostic to the various viewing platforms, we are capable of working with VR, XR, MR, or whatever "Your-Reality" may be.
Our data acquisition software for scanning an area of operation is brilliantly simple to use an can be scaled from "toy" DGI drones to fully purposed militarized drone platforms.   We operate with or without the cloud to allow our customers the freedom to be productive in areas of denied access.   Let us help you with our vTAK
™ and vST™ solutions
Let's discuss further...
Please reach out to us and describe your challenge.   We thrive on helping people, and their clients, visualize their future together.  We love to help and are in the business of creating custom approaches and implementations of our methodology to fit your needs.